Untitled Cyberfem/LesbiaNRx Piece

§0: Women historically have had an affinity for communication technology, interpretive labor and cognitive flexibility (decided not the same as intelligence). Whether innate or learned is besides the point as such a skillset is essential for surviving in the 21st century. A highly networked society is corrosive to the maintenance static identities. Short term, the ability to value drift is prized above all else - both the diversity of the market and the organic flows of capitalism demand flexibility and adaptability above all else. The masculine attempt to structurally order the world in accordance his desires has met its ultimate match in the monster of complexity. The science of the 20th century defeated nature, but the hydra returns. In the dark of jungle of complexity mutative horrors await the intrepid explorer dissolving the skillset he previously relied upon, necessitating new ontologies. The evolutionary mutations required to survive in such an environment means becoming feminine - embracing flux, role mutability, humility and empathy (aka the merging of consciousness).

§1: Women have had an affinity for communication technology. From the social reproduction of sharing information - the teaching of children - to modernity in which they acted, more often then not, as the behind-the-scenes intelligence guiding the technology. Telegraphy, phone operators, the programming of early computers, etc. The technological network that has kept the male enterprise together - the corporation, the state, the church, etc has throughout its history has had varying degrees of feminine corruption throughout.

§2: The affinity goes deeper, the relationship between the universal turning machine today and woman as a class throughout history becomes obvious when you consider that both are demanded by power to become something that they cannot. The Madonna / Whore complex is modernized in the form of intellectual property or cryptography that breaks on the command of the state. Power demands perfectly chaste automatons that are simultaneously capable of satiating whatever desires it may have. The impossibility of resolution creates not just a dialectic but underground resistance that aims to subvert, rather then conquer.

§3: Interpretive labor (the task of figuring out what other people actually want) creates even more problems for masculinity in the modern age. Being able to empathize with others gives you the ability to predict, to model them in ways that are deadly skills for any insurgent. Lacking such skills however leaves you with gaping vulnerabilities. If your blind spots and your missteps are resolved through the labor of others then it stands to reason that you do not want to piss those people off. Any security expert knows that you want as many eyeballs as possible to cover for blind spots. Outsourcing the problem of implementing your desires to others results in a poor map of reality indeed.

§4: The heroic Cartesian subject is forced to navigate a complex world with severe drawbacks. Ossified neural networks that attempt to pattern match to familiar assumptions are only an advantage in a highly predictable environment. Maintaining such axioms in the face of complexity requires either deliberate ignorance or the establishment of a maze of meta-structures so the cognitive dissonance can be avoided. Such tactics are clearly insufficient long term. The notion of fixed selves, of fixed values runs headfirst into reality and they're either torn to shreds or forced to retreat to an autarkic simulacra of pre-modernity (obviously not the real thing since even pre-modernity was more complex then reactionaries care to admit).

§5: But we're not done just yet with the subject. Once the speed at which two networks can communicate crosses a certain threshold they cease to be discrete - and neural networks are no different. The fear of immigration, both intellectually and physically reflects a reaction to this new reality. Fear of being colonized by the Other - or worse yet, their ideas - is driving modern culture insane. The reactionary tendency to assume that history is over and that progress is possible into the future is laughable from a distance - far from homogenizing such closeness opens a cornucopia of possibility as it dissolves vestigial parts holding it back from The Future.

§6: The strength of insurgencies come through the dissolution of the individual. Partaking in open source warfare means not just giving up any notion of singular heroics but also dissolving your identity in the flow of cosmolocalization (collaborate globally to produce locally). Faceless insurgents are your project partners, be they next door or around the world, provided they share your goals the information they generate will be of use (failure being just another data point). Despite the obvious reactionary desires of the majority of those who've taken part in guerrilla conflict in the 21st century the means through which they hope to achieve such desires runs directly counter to their intended aims. Open source development means the admission of the fact that the single individual can bring something into the world, that it takes a (global) village to raise a child. Open source guerrillas be they fighting against governments, corporations or even other insurgencies are forced to adopt means and attitudes that point towards humility, openness, flexibility, anonymity, impersonality, etc.

§7: The networked uprising necessitates a shift in consciousness in any who hopes to fight them. The emergent hive mind looks beyond the minor skirmishes in the non-linear war that is developing to instead the hope of inducing value drift. An insurgency that forces social change through the target adopting values that the insurgency desires is a winning insurgency. Rather then a ruthless conquest the anti-patriarchical insurgencies instead seek to dissolve it through bombarding it with problems that can only be solved through endearing mutation towards directions that dissolve what make it patriarchy. Forcing your opponent to submit is one type of victory, but making them discard the very values that define them in order to survive is another thing entirely.