Against the Self

Well-worn neural networks defined through years of training. This technology we all have, this self-feedbacking loop that is called an "I" (when in-fact it is a complex network that has arived at a particular equilibria), should not an anarchism worth its name be concerned with hacking it just as it seeks to hack technology, social codes, unconscious reactions, etc? is not the ultimate goal of any ideology concerned with the usurption of power to draw down all false idols including that of the ossified self which builds up over years of training.

What happens to an I that can change itself? A mind with the capacity to rationally remould itself in its own image. The pinnacle of memetic evolution - whatever comes next is merely experimentation on a near-infinite platform.

Imagine if you could prune and mould the complex system that you live inside. Rewrite memories, remove habits, create entirely new structures from the ground up. Scientists say you can scan the brains and find if someone is a progressive or a conservative - imagine experiencing a new ontology every week. What were once considered pathologies become experimental art - or even worse, fashion statements. Have your cognitive architecture be that of a starving child, a religious fantatic, a trust fund baby, a mother, every day of the week.

We are oppressed by the structure of our minds and the detritus they build up as a result of living in this world. This is not a call for hetro or neurotypical supremacy - far from it. Inherent in anarchism is the desire for entropy - the proliferation of possibility. To ignore the basic technology that we interface with the external world with is to settle for less.

The self is a construct, a particular architecture inside our minds that helps us navigate the world. As such it should be treated as nothing but another tool, which means we should take control of it, liberate it's use for all and let all who want to learn its use learn. Anarchism demands nothing less.